UPDATE: Discovery of love letter led to arrest of middle school teacher

UPDATE JAN. 29: Kweku Turkson was arrested after a love letter from a student came to light, according to his arrest report.

When interviewed by police, the student began by telling police that Turkson "was there" for her when she tried to commit suicide and described him as a father figure. 

She also described how she would go to his classroom after school to talk to him about her problems, including issues with boyfriends.

When asked if Turkson had ever done anything to make her uncomfortable, the student began to cry.

The student told police that Turkson had made remarks to her including saying that he could not believe that a 12-year-old girl could "have a body like that."

The girl also said Turkson asked her to sit on his lap and hugged and grabbed her.

After the letter was discovered by school staff, the girl was instructed to sign a letter stating that she was no longer allowed to walk down the hallway where his classroom was located. 

The girl also revealed that Turkson told her not to tell anyone what happened when he asked why she did not visit him anymore.


Clark County School District police have confirmed that Kweku Turkson, a middle school teacher at West Prep Academy, was arrested on Friday by Las Vegas police on 3 counts of lewdness with a child under the age of 14.

Turkson had been a teacher with CCSD since August of 2015 and has been at West Prep Academy the entire time.

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In October, CCSD had launched an investigation of the teacher and placed him on "home assignment." Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department had launched their own investigation of Turkson, which eventually led to the arrest.

CCSD's investigation is still ongoing.

Turkson is currently being held at Clark County Detention Center without bail and is due to make his first appearance in court on Jan. 23.

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