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UPDATE: Stolen art returned to Fukuburger

Posted at 9:41 AM, Mar 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 06:53:40-04

UPDATE MARCH 21: Fukuburger says that the stolen piece of art has been returned, thanks to anonymous tip received after the story aired on 13 Action News. fFukuburger also thanked Las Vegas police for their help. 


A man stole a piece of art off the wall of Fukuburger at 3429 South Jones Boulevard, then tried to hide it under his clothes.

You'd think automatic fail, right? But he got away.

You can see the studs left over from where the picture used to hang. In the surveillance video, you can trace the thief's steps. He took the picture and went with it into the women's restroom. He apparently took it off the frame and left the frame, then walked out the front door.

"I'm not mad at the guy who stole it, but hopefully we can get it back. If not, at least my artist got known," said Colin Fukunaga, the owner of Fukuburger.

The artist gave the piece to the owner when Fukuburger first opened.

Surprisingly, the artist is taking it as a compliment that someone wanted his art.

"I am honored that it was taken because maybe it had value to somebody, but it's a shame because it was shared to all the patrons here at Fukuburger," said Jeffrey Salazar, the artist.

Fuku means luck, and the artist and owner are very superstitious. They are actually a little worried about the thief. As the saying goes: karma may come back to bite you.