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UPDATE: Alleged victim of Henderson teacher speaks out

Teacher due back in court May 2nd
Posted at 1:27 PM, Mar 22, 2017

UPDATE ON APRIL 10: 13 Action News is speaking to a student who says that she was also a victim of Jeffrey Schultz before he was arrested in March of 2017.  We are not revealing the name of the family.

"When we first got the call from the detective," said the girl's father, "I was lost, angry."

According to the father, the detective's call came hours after Schultz was charged with indecency in another incident.  That incident occurred on Feb. 9, 2017.  The detective reportedly notified the father that his daughter had also filed a complaint regarding the teacher in April 2016.

"Nobody told the parents," the father said. "My wife and I had to find out nearly a year later."

The arrest report details the alleged incidents.

The student in the April 2016 incident said the teacher made her feel uncomfortable.

"He was like, hey cutie, or like, baby girl," she said.

The now 13-year-old says things eventually turned physical.  

"I was in front of him and his body was like grazing up against my back," she said.

The family says they are in touch with the Henderson Police Department. However, as of right now, the teacher has not been charged with inappropriate touching.

The girl's father says he wants answers from the school.

"Called the school three times," he said, "asked for the principal, and I never get a phone call back."

Finally, he says, considering the number of CCSD arrests for similar behavior since July 1, he believes changes are necessary.

"It starts with the school board," he said, "if they're not willing to make changes, then maybe we should make changes to the school board."

13 Action News will reach out to CCSD Tuesday.

UPDATE MARCH 29: A group of parents met at Brown Middle School after a teacher was arrested for inappropriate conduct with students.

Jeffrey Schultz is accused of asking girls aged 13 and 14 inappropriate questions about what they wore under leggings.


The single mom who organized the event says she became angry when she got a voicemail from the school after Schultz was arrested and no one told her why.

"Somebody has to let the school district know that we're not going to sit back and take it," Christal Metcalf said.

She added that if the district makes changes because of this teacher, every school will be safer for students.

Metcalf passed around a petition to remove the school's principal.


A Henderson teacher has been arrested for indecent behavior toward 3 female middle school students.

47-year-old Jeffrey Schultz was arrested Tuesday.

On Feb. 9, Henderson Police responded to Brown Middle School, located at 307 Cannes St., to investigate inappropriate behavior between Schultz and three students enrolled in his science class.

The victims, who are 13- to 14-year-old females, reported that Schultz asked them to stay behind after class to speak privately to them. Schultz engaged in inappropriate discussions with the students, causing the girls to feel uncomfortable and threatened.

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An arrest warrant was issued for Schultz on three misdemeanor counts of annoyance, molestation or indecency toward a minor under 18.