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Conor Climo, who has 'extremely shaky' relationship with mother, also planned McDonald's attack

Posted at 2:29 PM, Aug 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-16 18:52:25-04

Conor Climo, who was arrested after bomb-making materials were found in his homes and threats against members of the public became known, appeared in front of Judge Nancy Koppe on Aug. 9 in Las Vegas.

After his appearance, the judge issued a detention order with several interesting items.

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According to the order, Conor has admitted to thinking about suicide and says he has an "extremely shaky" relationship with his mother. His aunt verified that the relationship is "awful."

Climo also reportedly admitted to undercover agents before his arrest that he is extremely unhappy and possibly suicidal.

The order also reveals that Climo claims to be a member of The Feurerkrieg Division of Atomwaffen, which is known as an organization that encourages and may even commit violent attacks on people of the Jewish religion, homosexuals, African Americans and federal infrastructures.

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The detention order also says that Climo admitted to being a white supremacist and a journal taken from his room during a search contained sketches of a bar on Fremont Street that he believes caters to the LGBTQ community.

Additionally, the detention order revealed that Climo also considered attacking a McDonald's and had those plans in his journal as well.