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Arrest report says teacher pursued student for 3 years, sent nude photos via Snapchat

CCSD teacher arrested for sexual misconduct with
Posted at 9:44 AM, Jan 29, 2018

UPDATE FEB. 7: The arrest report for teacher Renee Rine, arrested for sexual misconduct with a student, details an interview between officers and a student at West Career and Technical Academy.

The student says that he first met Rine in 2015, his sophomore year, when he was placed in her geometry class. He said Rine would randomly touch his arms and chest in class but for short periods of time. He said one day during his sophomore year, the teacher grabbed his bicep and said it felt really good. She did the same while rubbing his chest later that class period. He said those advances and her staring at him during classes often made him feel uncomfortable.

At the beginning of his junior year, Rine called him into her classroom to tell him of her feelings for him. He said at that point she began emailing him at school and he then gave her his phone number. The two then began texting back-and-forth and on the night of his junior prom she was "sexting" him while drunk. Around that same time, she began sending him nude photos via Snapchat. He admits to showing those photos to his friends during gym class.

At that point, he was called to the dean's office and questioned about the situation but said nothing was going on because their relationship was just conversational. He says she made him feel like he'd get in trouble if he told and she'd go to jail.

Things came to a head during the current school year when Rine's advances became physical and she invited him several times to join her at hotel rooms. She also invited him to her house several times.

The student allowed detectives access to his text messages and Snapchat account. With the information collected they felt comfortable charging Rine with lewdness with a child under 16, unlawful contact with a minor, attempted kidnapping, and child abuse.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Clark County School District Police Department has arrested 36-year-old Renee Rine for five counts related to inappropriate contact with a student.

The arrest was made after an investigation that was initiated at West Career and Technical Academy. The charges against  Rine include one felony count of attempted kidnapping, one felony count of lewdness with a minor age 14 to 15, one gross misdemeanor count of child abuse, one felony count of sexual misconduct with people, and one gross misdemeanor count of unlawful contact with a minor.

According to a briefing video from the Clark County School District Police, the investigation began after students alerted staff they saw inappropriate text messages on a 17-year-old students cell phone.

Police say during the 2015-2016 school year, Rine sent sexual pictures and sexual text messages to the student. Police say Rine tried to lure the student to a local hotel during that time.


CCSD Police Department investigation substantiated allegations that she had inappropriate contact with a student. Rine, who was hired by CCSD in August 2015, has been a math teacher at West Career and Technical Academy since that time.

Her employment status with CCSD is currently "assigned to home," once she is released from incarceration.

Following her arrest, Rine was booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

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