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UPDATE: Man accused of 2 murders indicted

Family remembers grandmother fatally gunned down
Posted at 12:19 PM, Jul 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 19:33:30-04

STORY: The man accused of murdering two people has just been indicted.

Shawn Eisenman was in court on Wednesday. Police say in December, Eisenman shot a man in the head as the victim walked down the street.
A few weeks ago he was accused of opening fire on a beloved grandmother, as the woman was standing on her porch.

Arrest reports released on Tuesday for a 30-year-old man charged with the murder of two Las Vegas residents are shedding light on what led up to the fatal shootings.

Shawn Eisenman was initially arrested on July 7 after he opened fire at an auto repair shop a couple of weeks earlier.

Eisenman reportedly got into an altercation with employees of the Carburetor Exchange and Auto Repair Shop on West Charleston Boulevard on June 21. He was apparently unhappy that the owner of the shop had hung up on him during a phone conversation on June 19. During the incident, Eisenman allegedly fired multiple shots at the business. Although no one was injured, a 5-year-old boy and a newborn were present at the time.

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Las Vegas police were able to track down the car that was involved in the incident and had it under surveillance on June 30 when they were confronted by Eisenman. Police tried to apprehend him at that time, but he was able to get away after he hit one of the police officers.

On July 7, he was taken into custody during another incident in the southwest part of the valley. He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

While in jail, Eisenman was linked to the murders of 27-year-old Camron Ryan on Dec. 9, 2015, and 46-year-old Ladonna Metais on July 3, 2016.

According to the arrest report, the death of Ryan may have been connected to drugs. Eisenman reportedly believed that Ryan had stolen $40 worth of methamphetamine from him.

Eisenman was visiting another man's home when he spotted Ryan walking near U.S. 95. The other man told police that Eisenman ran out to his car, retrieved a gun, and then ran upstairs. The other man says that Eisenman opened an upstairs window and fired one shot, killing Ryan. He then turned to the witness and pointed the gun and said: "You better not say anything or you're next."

The other man also said that he saw Eisenman kiss the spent brass cartridge case and heard him say "That's two." The other man said that Eisenman had told him previously that he had shot and killed his mother's boyfriend after she committed suicide.

Eisenman also reportedly wrapped his shoes and hands and went to check Ryan's body for anything of value before leaving.

The death of LadonnaMetais in July is believed to be connected to a stolen trailer.

"She didn't even know this guy," said Ladonna's sister, Pauline O'Dell. "We met him once." 

Eisenman apparently believed that Ladonna's boyfriend Jack owed him money for a stolen utility trailer and had been threatening the couple in the days leading up to the fatal shooting. Jack purchased the trailer not knowing it was stolen. After the person who sold him the trailer was unable to provide a title, Jack called a towing company. The tow truck driver ran the VIN and discovered it had been stolen out of Arizona.

When Eisenman found out that the trailer he claimed was his had been sold, he confronted Ladonna and another woman and told them they owed him money. He told Ladonna that he wanted to be paid for his loss. After she refused to pay, he reportedly told her, "You don't know who you are messing with."

A few weeks before the July shooting, Eisenman allegedly threw a rock at Ladonna and Jack's home with a note demanding $7,000 and threatening to shoot up and burn the house if no one paid. Jack spray painted his cell phone number on a large piece of plywood and put the piece of plywood outside. He then slept in his vehicle with a gun for 4 nights, but no one ever arrived looking for the money, and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

On July 3, Ladonna was standing outside her home smoking a cigarette with two other women when a dark-colored car pulled up in front of the house and the person inside opened fire. Ladonna was shot in the head and died at the scene.

"This just didn't have to happen," said O'Dell. "She was only trying to do the right thing, she was trying to raise her granddaughters." 

Jack was able to provide the note to the police after Ladonna's death. The note warned Jack and Ladonna that they should pay up or "you'll catch a couple 223 rounds." The note also said "you in over your head LaDonna."

Eisenman is facing multiple charges in relation to all 3 incidents.

Ladonna is remembered as a loving and caring grandmother.  She worked at a local grocery store to try and provide for her grandkids. She was a huge fan of Elvis.  

"Right now, she's probably a groupie, up in heaven," said O'Dell.