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Neighbors concerned to go outside at Boulder Highway complex where 2 shot

Posted at 10:43 AM, Jun 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-16 02:37:01-04

Two people were shot Wednesday morning in the 5600 block of Boulder Highway, the location of Sportsman's Royal Manor.

Police say they received a call around 10 a.m. Upon arrival, they found two victims suffering from gunshot wounds.

Police say that both victims are men in their 20s. One man was shot in the head and one was shot in the leg. Both are still alive at this time. The man shot in the head is in critical condition and the other man is in stable condition. Both were transported to Sunrise Trauma.

Police say the suspects are also two men in their 20s. They are still on the loose.

Neighbors were shaken up by the chaos, especially one mother who was ready to enjoy the day with her son.

"I want to take my son to the pool today but he's too scared," said Almeda Davis.

Some people who live there worry they could be next.
“I'm scared every day," said Jilan Bylund, who woke up to a chilling sound. "I heard gunshots."
Bylund lives at the Sportsman's Royal Manor apartments with her two young children. She tells 13 Action News the neighborhood can be downright frightening.
"I do look over my back 'cause you never know what's going to happen," Bylund said.
Some days Bylund doesn't want to walk outside.

"Who knows. That could be me and my kids if we're walking out," Bylund said.
Wednesday’s shooting is the second reported such incident at the complex since last September in a neighborhood known for higher than normal crime rates.
"People are scared and they should be," said State Sen. Mark Manendo, a Democrat.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is keeping a close eye on the area in what they call the Boulder Highway Project. They say, since last September, officers made 96 felony arrests and confiscated 5 guns.
When asked what he would do to make that neighborhood safer, Manendo responded, "It's a combination. Everybody needs to get involved."

Manendo said he and police are talking to neighbors and local business owners to find solutions.

"This is our community and we all have a stake in this," he said.
Bylund fears that one day the violence that plagues her neighborhood could hit too close to home.
"I try and keep them in the house as much as possible," Bylund said of her children. “You never know if the bullets gonna ricochet through the window and possibly hit your young ones."