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Crash leads to vehicles stolen from business

Posted at 2:00 PM, Feb 17, 2016

An early Wednesday car chase and crash led to several recently stolen vehicles from a family-owned business.

Karla's Kars had four vehicle stolen about two days ago from its location near Lake Mead and Lamb boulevards. During the crash Wednesday morning, they found the first SUV and then the other three vehicles that were missing.
"He lost control of the vehicle is what happened," said David Serrano of Karla's Kars. "He was going so fast when he tried to make that corner. He slammed on the brakes and he went right into the yard."

Serrano and family saw the whole thing unfold and were pleased that the suspect behind the thief was going to get caught.

The suspect took every single key from the board in Karla's Kars.

"I unlocked the door started rambling through the office and that's when I saw the giant hole in the floor," said Karla Serrano.

The crash happened less than two miles away where police arrested the suspect. They also found all the stolen keys.

Repairs are now beginning on the damaged cars and the office.

The Serrano family says they'll beef up security at the Karla's Kars lot.

"We're a family business, family comes first. This is what we do to support our family," David Serrano said. "As long as everybody's happy and healthy that's all we really care about."