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Coyotes on the loose in dry, cold weather

Posted at 6:43 PM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 12:22:18-05

More coyotes may be roaming through Las Vegas neighborhoods due to the cold dry weather.

The latest coyote sighting was caught on camera near Alexander and Cimarron on Saturday night.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife says people in the valley can expect to see more coyotes at night and in the day as the temperatures continue to drop. 

“If you go outdoors people are outdoors in much larger numbers than August or September and coyotes are going to do the same thing,” says Doug Nielsen, Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Experts say not to be afraid of coyotes, but to be prepared.

The Department of Wildlife says if you come across a coyote, to not act afraid especially if you have a small pet with you. They say to act bigger than the coyote, and to make noise to scare them.

You can also do things to protect your house.

“If you have vegetation in your yard that’s overgrown and it creates hiding spots, you need to trim those up and do away with those hiding spots,” says Doug Nielsen.

The Department of Wildlife says coyotes don't typically attack people, but if you do come across one that is, to give them a call.