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Clark County welcomes public comment on redistricting plans

Posted at 5:36 AM, Oct 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-05 13:12:04-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Clark County Commissioners are asking the public to weigh in on their plans to redraw districts in Southern Nevada to balance the number of voters in the region's seven districts.

The process is undertaken every 10 years after the U.S. Census reveals population changes, and the districts in Clark County have become unbalanced in the last decade.

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For example, Commissioner Justin Jones' District F grew 21% faster at 365,567 people than Commissioner William McCurdy II's District D at 287,626 people from 2010 to 2020, and those districts will need to be redrawn to balance the population and avoid giving certain voters more power at the ballot box.

Commissioner Michael Naft, District A, says his district is also overpopulated and it's important that people weigh in on county proposals to avoid disenfranchising any voters over the next decade.

"Create a redistricting line that is fair, that is equitable," he said, "and most importantly follows the rules because the last thing that we want to do is face a lawsuit in the future."

The commission could face lawsuits over their redistricting plans if the result disenfranchises voters based on civil rights like race or sex.

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"We want to make sure we do everything right the first time," Naft said, "and that's why this public information process is so important."

Monday, commissioners welcomed people to view proposed redistricting maps and weigh in on the final product.

Naft said the county also plans to launch a website where people can do the same online, and they're taking feedback through email at redistricting@ClarkCountyNV.gov.

Naft said the commission must approve a final redistricting map by December.