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Will distance learning continue to be an option for Clark County School District?

CCSD online learning
Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-23 21:51:50-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — It won’t be long before every Clark County School District student will have a chance to return to campus, but some students and parents are wondering whether the option to learn from home will still be there next year.

The pandemic has put a spotlight on distance education, with all CCSD students doing that for much of the year.

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As classrooms begin to reopen, some kids are doing well learning online, like Denise Washington’s niece.

“A lot of kids are thriving this way," she said of the multiple learning options available for students. Her son, on the other hand, prefers going back to class, she says.

At Palo Verde High School, parents are already being asked about distance learning.

They received a survey that’s gauging their interest on whether they want their kids to continue their education from home or go back to the classroom.

“We have seen some of our students that have been very successful with distance education and we’re going to provide that as an option for kids and parents,” said CCSD Supt. Dr. Jesus Jara.

He says the district is working on making that choice available for the next school year, like figuring out which teachers would be willing to stay with online teaching.

Dr. Jara says it’s difficult for them to teach both virtual and in-person students.

“The concern that we’re having is to identify the teachers doing distance education and our current teachers doing that, and solely focus on that,” he said.

He says April registration will ask parents if they prefer face-to-face or online learning.

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He hopes to have a more concrete idea of what direction the district will take after that.

“Do you have to turn the cameras on? What is the profile of that student, so their parents can make an informed decision?” he said.

Washington says while she is leaning towards face-to-face learning, she supports the district giving a choice.

“Like, a choice between homeschool and going to school and it’s pretty much just the same and some kids like it,” she said.