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Parents hold rally calling for distance learning changes in Clark County

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Posted at 10:14 PM, Aug 27, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Over 200 parents and kids showed up to a rally next to the Clark County School District headquarters to demonstrate their frustration with distance learning.

Thursday, parents said they were upset after many have reported dealing with technological issues since the first school day, and a change is needed.

Clark County School District parents plan protest, frustrated with distance learning

Power2parents organized the rally. Erin Phillips, the group's president, says that learning options for kids, parents, and teachers are needed - offering an example of a hybrid plan that would accommodate better for a large part of the basics for the education community.

She says the plan would help ensure a better education process for kids and let parents continue with their regular jobs, instead of being at home.

"I know that the district is trying everything they know how to do to make this work, but unfortunately, it is just not working. Come back to the drawing board with the community, parents, and teachers on how we can fix this," Phillips said.

Other parents have also said that having their kids at home taking classes has been a life-changing situation.

"It's been a rollercoaster. I feel like I have to continually remind myself that this is just the beginning of the school year," said Ashton Scurr, CCSD parent.

As a single working mom with two kids at elementary school, Scurr says that the task has not been easy.

Clark County School District alerts parents to 'data security incident'

Connectivity issues, lack of Chromebooks, and access to technology are also affecting the students learning process.

"Everybody is on the internet, so we are getting booted out of classes. Chromebooks have to update, and that takes time when this is in the middle of the class. So, it's been challenging and adds anxiety to feeling like something is wrong," said Sharissa McGlynn, CCSD parent.

Parents say they're aware that COVID-19 is a threat to everyone but remain confident that a better plan could be implemented to help kids, teachers, and parents.

CCSD says it does plan on continuing distance learning.