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'Nevadans have suffered tremendously': Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman reacts to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions

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Posted at 11:01 AM, Mar 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-17 21:05:38-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman released a statement on Wednesday morning from the city's council meeting about the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in Nevada.

Goodman says one year ago she expressed deep concerns about completely shutting down Las Vegas and that her concerns continue as of Wednesday.

"My plea at the time (in 2020) was to take a more nuanced approach to enact safety precautions that would enable Las Vegas to continue to function. A full year later we see some states that took this moderate approach actually realized a lower death count than did some states with prolonged total shutdowns like Nevada," Goodman wrote in part of Wednesday's statement.

In March of 2020, Goodman took on Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak with his order to shut down all casinos and nonessential businesses.

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"I know we cannot survive any total shutdown of the economy for any length of time beyond the immediate week or two," Goodman said last year. "Many working in the hospitality industry (more than likely in big hotels) and also small, privately-owned businesses are most definitely at the greatest risk. "They cannot survive any lengthy shutdown."

Goodman made her opinion known from the start on being against the state shutdown during the pandemic calling it "total insanity."

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She was also interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper about the Vegas closures in April 2020. Goodman told Cooper that with no cure or vaccine, the shutdown could go on for months or maybe even a year.

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Now a year later, the mayor says businesses are still only operating at 50% capacity "up from a bizarre 35% that was in effect until three days ago" with some not being permitted to open at all.

"Masks, distancing and frequent handwashing and sanitation are reasonable measures that health officials assure us to make a difference. That is following the science. The science has not proven that complete shutdowns accomplished any more than more moderate, reasonable precautions," Goodman's statement read on Wednesday.

Currently, Sisolak continues to loosen COVID-19 restrictions in the Silver State while Goodman also continues her say on being against the governor's initial closures saying there is apparently no sunset on emergency power bestowed to some governors, which smacks of tyranny.

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Goodman closed her Wednesday remarks in part by saying the city of Las Vegas will continue to seek ways for people and businesses to advocate for their own lives, make their own choices, create and follow their own destinies along with earning a livelihood while providing for their families and helping others.