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Latin Chamber of Commerce Nevada helping small businesses

Posted at 7:56 PM, Aug 26, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Latin Chamber of Commerce’s AVANZAR business accelerator program is giving a big boost to several local businesses.

Avanzar, which means advance in Spanish, is giving Hispanic and other minority small businesses the opportunity to keep moving forward with this program by teaching the fundamentals of business.

Las Vegas was one of five cities throughout the country selected to participate by the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

In the Las Vegas area, more than 20 small local businesses are actively participating in zoom meetings where they learn skills to thrive in this economy, from psychology to business strategy.


“Dealing with our people, dealing with our customers, growing your business, there are so many different things that I’ve learned just in the three weeks of being in this program that I’m doing wrong, some things I’ve been doing right,” said Hans Hippert, one of the selected participants.

Hippert and his wife, Anya, are first-time minority business owners of Jojo Jerky, a small business that produces and sells beef, chicken, and lamb jerky. They have been in business for more than seven years.

They have added items like sauces and dog treats. And their next goal is to add a meat processing plant, but to take his business to the next level, they knew help is needed.

After applying with the Latin Chamber of Commerce, they’ve been attending meetings and implementing changes in both their personal life and business. While he's not Hispanic, he says almost 75 percent of his team is.

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The AVANZAR program started in August and it will end in December.

For more information about this program and other assistance to local businesses, contact the Latin Chamber of Commerce Nevada here.