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Las Vegas valley hospitals see influx in COVID-19 cases

Officials: Don't delay other emergency treatments
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Posted at 8:59 PM, Aug 03, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Healthcare workers in the Las Vegas valley are preparing for another influx of COVID-19 patients.

"We are seeing a lot on an everyday basis, and it is concerning because we do have a vaccine that could help a lot of these patients," said Medical Director Dr. Patrick Olivieri for Henderson Hospital, one of Valley Health System's six locations in the area.

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The hospital network says all locations are seeing a very high patient intake at their intensive care units. Dr. Olivieri says the majority diagnosed are unvaccinated.

"The number one most effective way to prevent getting really sick from COVID is to get vaccinated," he said. "Our group is 100% supportive of vaccinations and it really does seem to be effective to save lives."

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While hospitals are receiving more positive cases, health officials say it is still necessary to seek emergency care for other medical conditions. Delaying care can lead to serious consequences.

Within the Valley Health System, surge planning has been activated. Dr. Olivieri says the Delta variant is partially responsible for this.

"Because it spreads more quickly, we have seen the numbers spread so much more rapidly," he said.

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Clark County currently has a 47% vaccination rate.

The Nevada Health Response dashboard shows a month ago the state was seeing a test positivity rate of 6%. One month later that rate has jumped to nearly 17%.

"If you are able to and willing," said Dr. Olivieri, "please get vaccinated for the sake of yourself, your family and your community."

If you choose to not get vaccinated, he says, wear your mask, practice social distancing and follow proper hygiene to prevent the spread.