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Southern Nevada health officials discouraging large Halloween parties

Posted at 3:35 PM, Oct 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-30 20:44:29-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Southern Nevada health leaders are pushing “safety first” this Halloween weekend as they are discouraging big parties that they fear could lead to “scary” results. As the Las Vegas valley is seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases, a local doctor is urging people to stay at home as much as possible.

It’s that time of year to get dressed up and for many to party on the holiday weekend. House parties have already popped up in previous weeks, including one 13 Investigates found in the southwest.

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There’s already a party scheduled at the same location for Halloween.

Dr. Christina Madison of Roseman University says she’s not surprised to see parties happening.

“People are going to try as much as possible to try to gather. We just want them to gather safely, especially in areas of the country like where we are, where we are seeing a spike in cases," Madison said.

She says while it’s a personal choice for someone to decide to throw or go to a party it can create potential super spreader events with people in close proximity to each other. Dr. Madison discourages having a Halloween party but says if the decision is made, be considerate of others.

“Wearing the face mask in addition to wearing eye protection like goggles or face shields is another added layer of protection,” she said.

Airbnb is already taking steps to clamp down on party houses, not allowing one night reservations over the Halloween weekend on entire home listings in Clark County. It says they may take legal action if anyone violates the rules.

Airbnb warns against guests hosting parties in Las Vegas

Dr. Brian Labus, a UNLV health professor, says it’s good that Airbnb is paying attention.

“if they can discourage that. That’s a great step in keeping those things from happening and doing their part to stop disease transmission,” he said.

Dr. Madison says the most important thing potential partygoers should keep in mind is personal responsibility after Halloween.

“Try to limit your contact with others after gathering and test, because that’s really the only way that we’re going to determine whether or not you’re a risk to others,” she said.

Airbnb has already taken action in the last few months cracking down on party houses and removed or suspended 20 listings.