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Gov. Sisolak delivers dire warning for COVID-19 surge, urges operation 'Stay at Home 2.0'

Nevada governor updates state's COVID-19 response
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Posted at 6:33 PM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-11 02:54:24-05

UPDATE: 10 P.M.: Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak issued a dire warning for the current COVID-19 surge and asked Nevadans to stay home as much as possible for the next two weeks.

The governor says all progress made over the last three months to try and contain the spread of the virus has been lost and the situation is nearly out of control.

"We don't have much time to act to avoid a dangerous hospital surge and keep our economy going and keep people at work," said Gov. Sisolak.

The governor encouraged people to hunker down at home in what he called 'Stay at home 2.0.'

He recommends people venture into public only when absolutely necessary.

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The concern is cases will rise so fast and sicken so many people it may overwhelm hospitals.

"This week, we plan to open our alternate care site in our parking garage to accommodate an additional 1,600 beds," said Dr. Tony D. Slonim, president and CEO of Renown Health in Northern Nevada.

The last seven days set new records for daily cases.

Nevada's seven-day moving average now stands at 1,326 new infections per day.

"If we don't come together at this moment, I will be forced to take stronger action in 14 days. To be clear I don't want to take stronger action I do not want to implement more restrictions," said Gov. Sisolak.

The governor stopped short of discouraging tourists from coming to Las Vegas and admits it seems like a double standard to ask Nevadans to stay at home.

He adds the shutdowns are still having long-lasting, negative financial and emotional impacts months later.

"That is a tightrope to balance controlling COVID spread, protecting out hospitals from surges, and at the same time not destroying and shutting down our economy." Gov. Sisolak said.

Nevada governor 'walking a tightrope' as coronavirus cases increase

Authorities say it is clear some people are tired and not following the safety protocols but urged immediate, corrective action to keep Nevada open.

He urged people to practice social distancing, properly wear a face mask, and use good hygiene.

The governor added most businesses appear to follow protocols and called upon local jurisdictions to step up enforcement.

The governor says if the trends do not correct quickly, there will be drastic measures needed in the near future.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak held a news conference Tuesday to update the state's effort to combat COVID-19.

The governor held Tuesday's press conference inside the Old Assembly Chamber of the Nevada State Capitol and was joined by Dr. Tony Slonim, president and CEO of Renown Health.

Gov. Steve Sisolak announced Tuesday press conference

The state has continued to see a rise in recent coronavirus cases with the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services reporting 112,304 confirmed COVID-19 cases overall statewide -- an increase of 1,322 cases from Monday to Tuesday.

CORONAVIRUS: Nevada reports more than 1,300 new cases

The daily positivity rate was also reported at 13.7% with hospitalizations also generally seeing an uptick to 898 overall, according to the DHHS in Nevada.

And Gov. Sisolak addressed these numbers seen in Nevada during his Tuesday press conference by saying the country and the state are currently on a rough course with the new cases, hospitalizations and fatalities on the rise.

The governor said Nevadans can’t wait for a vaccine to get the virus back to a manageable level and "We don’t have much time to act to avoid these surges."

And to preserve the economy, the governor said Nevadans must refocus on preventing the spread of COVID-19 and said the state is going back to the basics.

As a result of the recent uptick in cases, for the next two weeks Gov. Sisolak said Nevadans need to operate in a "Stay at Home 2.0" to get things under control so that the state's public health response infrastructure can catch up.

The governor urged Nevadans to not go out if you do not have to and for all employers if they can do their jobs from home, do so

Gov. Sisolak said Nevadans can avoid a nightmare scenario, but everyone has two weeks to help keep the cases under control or else he will be forced to take stronger action in 14 days.

The governor urged everyone to properly wear a mask when out in the public and to follow the coronavirus guidelines already in place.

He also said he is walking a tightrope on keeping everyone safe while also keeping the economy open when it comes to current limits on retail, casino-resorts and restaurants.

Dr. Slonim said he is alarmed about the hospitalizations and the current state numbers of coronavirus cases. Slonim said the state is unable to keep up with the current uptick in coronavirus cases. and urged everyone to stay home during the next two weeks.

Gov. Sisolak ended Tuesday's conference to remind everyone to do their part to help in the current battle against the coronavirus pandemic and everyone can help one another in this process.

Gov. Sisolak also asked tourists to not stay away from Las Vegas for the next 14 days but they must follow the guidelines in place and wear a mask, including while at the airport.

Tuesday's entire COVID-19 press conference can be viewed below:

Nevada Gov. Sisolak gives update on COVID-19