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Attorney weighs in as commercial evictions resume in Nevada

Posted at 9:30 PM, Jul 01, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Las Vegas attorney is strongly urging landlords and tenants to work together as commercial evictions resume in Nevada.

Starting July 1, landlords and lenders will once again be able to charge late fees, initiate lockouts, start evictions, for commercial tenants.

Attorney Avece Higbee, a Certified Commercial Investment Member, weighed in on both sides for the tenant, and the landlord.

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Higbee says every rent payment that doesn’t come in impacts the landlord's ability to pay their mortgage.

“Some of the national tenants have a lot of square footage,” said Higbee.

On the other side, struggling businesses likely just don’t have the money to pay the rent because of the pandemic.

“It’s possible they might be put out of business because they could get evicted, and don’t have the money to pay,” said Higbee.

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The process can be a nightmare scenario for a small business, and landlords also grapple with losing their revenue as well.

Higbee suggests immediate conversations to find a solution, and to keep the peace.

“If there is some give on the part of both parties to alleviate a smaller amount of rent, or spread it out over time, that will keep small businesses operating and keep the landlords paying their mortgages,” said Higbee.

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Residential evictions and foreclosures due to non-payment of rent and mortgages will resume in September.