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Cool finds for anyone at National Hardware Show

Posted at 6:06 AM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 10:32:33-04

You'll find way more than power tools at the National Hardware Show happening this week.

At only $19.99, it's a little water fountain for dogs called Pawcet. You hook it up to your water hose. It's perfect for really hot days when a cool bowl of water is either gone or boiling in minutes.

For the dog owner's thirst, try out Tapology. Starting at $69.99, it's like having a beer tap at home. It uses ultrasonic sound to create a head on a beer. You can use cans or bottles. There's even a version that aerates red wine.

"They want us to sample it and do all that kind of thing so they're very excited about it. People love their alcohol," said Christopher Baumunk, the executive director of sales for Viatek.

After several drinks the next stop is most likely the bathroom. Toilet Fresh helps out there in two ways: its motion sensor lights up the commode when you're near, plus it sucks out the bad smelling air between you and the water. All for $39.99.

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"They say 'You've always been in the toilet and you're still in the toilet,' but when they see how it works and it takes away the odor from the bathroom they absolutely love it," said David Lee Cogswell, the CEO of Toilet Fresh.

Finally, keep yourself and guests preoccupied on the way to the bathroom with STAS Picture Hanging Systems

For $25, you get a main rail and several cables you can clip and unclip. You won't damage drywall and you can hang all kinds of things: lights, bag holders, pictures, and clocks.