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Woman asks for help to get out of lease

Posted at 6:26 AM, Dec 02, 2015

UPDATE: Breonna Bracey-McCarthy's mother said they're making headway with the landlord, adding the amount she has to pay to get out of the lease has been reduced. The landlord said they need to talk to her husband before terminating the lease.


A Las Vegas woman said burglars ruined her Thanksgiving. She came home to find the door kicked in and her home ransacked.

"I just broke down and cried, like how could this happen?" said Breonna Bracey-McCarthy, remembering the moments when she realized what happened.

McCarthy is five months pregnant and she lives alone while her husband is deployed in Iraq. She said the burglars stole electronics, valuable items, paperwork, IDs, and copies of her mail key and house key.

"I don't wanna come back here, I don't wanna be by myself, I don't wanna stay here by myself knowing that they could come back any day and do it again," said Bracey-McCarthy, who is staying with her mother right now.

She wants to leave now and said her lease is up at the end of January. However, she said her property management insists she pay $1,100 -- the rent for the rest of her lease.

"Let her out," said her mom, Linda Bracey. "$1,100 is not worth my child and my grandchild."

Action News looked into what McCarthy can do. Her complex, Eagle Trace, is managed by Olen Living. We called them twice and did not hear back. So, we went to their offices in person. After waiting for several minutes, they told us they would not have time today to speak with us or even just issue us a statement. They also said they usually do not discuss issues with current residents.