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Eyelash extension warning: what to know before you go to the salon

Posted at 11:00 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:35:01-05

Your visit to the salon is supposed to be relaxing. But some locals say if you're not careful, it could be dangerous.

"It was horrible. I was really upset," says Shawnel Warren.

She gets eyelash extensions on a regular basis. But a couple months ago, she paid a visit to a new nail salon and decided to have her lashes done.

"They had my eyes stuck open. Usually, my eyes are down. But there, they had me taped open. My eyes were watering," says Shawnel.

When they were done, she says the lashes looked good, but a couple days later, "My eye started itching up here. Started getting a little puffy," says Shawnel.

It turns out she had a stye; an infection that develops near the edge of the eyelid.

"You know that itching, irritating feeling? You know you can't scratch it. It was painful," says Shawnel.

So she says she took the new lashes off.

"I had to rip them off," says Shawnel.

After that, she says her eye cleared up in about three days. But it's a mistake a lot of people are making.

"They'll go to a nail place where they're licensed for nails, but they're not licensed to do lashes or facials," says Doug Grant, owner of two Seva Beauty locations here in the valley.

He says someone applying eyelash extensions, should be licensed as a Cosmetologist or Aesthetician. There's also specific licensing for someone doing your nails, or your hair. To make sure a person is properly licensed for the service they're providing, Doug says just check the wall.

"Because every single person that is in that salon should be licensed, and their license by law, has to be up on the wall," says Doug.

As for Shawnell, she says she's learned her lesson.

"Look for the license. Don't go to the nail shop to get your eyelashes done," says Shawnel.

If you have a bad experience with a salon, be sure to file a complaint with Nevada's Board of Cosmetology.