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CONTACT 13: UberEATS launches in Las Vegas

Posted at 6:00 PM, Sep 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-07 22:33:16-04

Uber is driving more than people. The company is now delivering food. UberEATS launched in Las Vegas Wednesday. Contact 13 takes a look at what you need to know about this new service.

Pizza and burgers, coffee and donuts, even tacos or sushi. UberEATS will deliver what you're craving. As long as it's from one of the eateries partnering with the company.
"There are a lot of choices on the food," says UberEATS driver, Howard Lewis Jr.
But Howard knows they're going to have plenty of competition. Other food ordering services like Bite Squad, Seamless and Grub Hub already operate in the valley. But Howard believes Uber has what it takes to compete.
"By using Uber it's guaranteed that you pretty much get the best quality," says Howard.
Vong Manoroth agrees. He's the operations manager for Soho SushiBurrito, one of the restaurants teaming up with Uber.
"We believe in the Uber brand and we don't want to put our brand in anybody's hands. But Uber is a brand that we trusted," says Vong.
Here's how it works: UberEATS gives you a list of open restaurants, price range and expected delivery time. Once you place your order, restaurants tell Uber drivers when the food is expected to be ready. Let's say the time is 10 minutes.
"The driver will be here right at 10 minutes and then on the detail map, it actually shows me what's the estimate from the store to the customer," says Vong.
But there's no oversight to ensure a product's quality is protected during delivery. The Southern Nevada Health District regulates and inspects all Clark County facilities where food is prepared and stored, including food trucks. But the Health District doesn't regulate delivery services.
Will the driver have a cooler for your sushi or heated bag for your burrito? Once your order walks out the door and into the car, you're putting your health in the driver's hands. Restaurants have to adhere to state health codes, but delivery drivers do not.
Uber drivers can buy their own insulated bags and ice chest for storing food. Last year, In-N-Out Burger sued another food delivery service called DoorDash, which doesn't operate in Las Vegas.
In the lawsuit, In-N-Out said it had no control over the time it takes to deliver food to consumers, the temperature at which food is kept during delivery, or the food handling and safety practices of delivery drivers. But on day one of UberEATS in Las Vegas, Vong says he's happy with the results.
"We have over 10, 12 orders already," says Vong.
Prices are set by restaurants according to their own menu. Uber adds a flat $4.99 delivery fee, no matter how much is ordered or how far the delivery is.
Uber tells 13 Action News:
"We are excited to be launching UberEATS in Las Vegas, creating a new way for people to get the food they love; opening up new economic opportunities for delivery partners; and enabling the city's best local restaurants to expand their reach and connect with more customers.
With a great reputation for emerging chefs, a population of food enthusiasts, and many local restaurant favorites, Las Vegas is the second city in the Southwest to get the UberEATS app, and one of only 24 cities around the country.
UberEATS allows you to order from a wide selection of restaurants in Las Vegas across all categories and provides the ability to order what you want. Thanks to our expansive delivery network, we're also able to deliver meals over a large distance.
We know there is a huge appetite in Las Vegas for food delivery, and room for each service to meet different needs. We believe UberEATS has the best selection of restaurants and network of delivery partners."