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School cop under fire

Posted at 5:58 PM, Aug 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 21:43:35-04

A school police officer under investigation for misconduct didn't commit any crimes, but should be punished. 

That's according to the District Attorney's office, who has been reviewing the officer's actions for months. 

Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears has been following the story since June.

The man who used to be the one and only Internal Affairs detective for the Clark County School District Police Department is now himself the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation. 

But the D.A. doesn't trust school police to do it without the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department watching over them.

Detective Christopher Klemp disclosed confidential information, told another officer to lie about the source of that information and threatened to come after him if he spoke the truth about it in the future. 

All that was caught on an undercover recording made by one of five current and former school cops who filed a complaint against Klemp with the D.A. 

The recording was made in December, 2014 during a meeting with Klemp at a local Starbucks.   

On the tape, Klemp can be heard saying: "And if something happens and I got to I.A. you, if you say anything about this I'm going to call you a motherf*&*ing liar.  And I'll come at you like a whirlwind because I gotta protect myself."

The D.A. calls Klemp's conduct "Highly concerning... especially how he so callously and repeatedly stated he would lie under oath."

The D.A.'s office office says his statements "Are more than inappropriate and should not go without review and subsequent punishment." 

Because they didn't find any criminal violations, the D.A. kicked the case back to CCSDPD for further action.

Metro is advising and overseeing the process, which will include a general review of the internal affairs investigative work done by the school police department.

The school district says the D.A.'s findings don't change the district's continuing investigation. 

When they're done, they'll determine appropriate action. 

In the meantime, Detective Klemp is still on the school police force. 

He's been taken out of Internal Affairs and now works in the department's Training Bureau.