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Odom took supplement FDA had warned against

Posted at 4:37 AM, Oct 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-16 07:37:08-04

Contact 13 is digging deeper into the herbal sexual stimulant Lamar Odom was taking at the Love Ranch.  

It's something the FDA warned consumers to throw away back in 2013.

And we found out a lot more when we started going through those 911 tapes more closely.

The following came from thethird 911 call made from the ranch.

Dispatch: Do you know if he took anything right before this happened?
Richard hunter: OK, so here's what I got.  They just handed me a -- something called -- lemme look at this... Reload.  72 hours strong.  Sexual performance enhancer for men.  It must be some sort of packaged supplement.  And they said he's taken a bunch of these.  So he has... He has done that.

This warning issued in June, 2013 by the FDA came after a government lab found it contained a hidden drug -- the active ingredient in Viagra, which could lower blood pressure to dangerous levels and have potentially deadly interactions with certain prescription drugs.  

The tablets are 1875 milligrams.  Odom reportedly took ten of them over a three-day period. 

And that's not all.

911 audio Richard Hunter: They just told me that -- somebody just came up to me and said he apparently had some cocaine on him that he finished -- he did this on Saturday.

A brothel insider tells Contact 13 they used to sell herbal sexual supplements at their ranches up north, but stopped two years ago.  

We've asked whether Reload was being sold at the Love Ranch in Crystal, but haven't gotten an answer.  

Contact 13 has also learned surveillance footage from inside the brothel shows Odom reaching into his pocket, then popping a pill.  But it's unknown whether that was Reload or something else.