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CONTACT 13: Local attorney abandons clients, according to Nevada State Bar

Posted at 4:53 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 21:46:52-05
A local attorney suddenly shuts down his office with no warning, leaving employees without jobs and clients wondering what happened to their cases and their cash. Did he steal millions of dollars from those who trusted him? 
Outraged, stunned, devastated and shocked. Those are the words we're hearing from the legal community after court documents show attorney Rob Graham with Lawyers West bailed on his clients. The Nevada Supreme Court has pulled his license while the State Bar says he's demonstrated a complete and total disregard for ethics and obligations.  
"Right now we've got a very major problem in the guardianship laws," Graham told Contact 13 in early 2015 about the need to protect people in guardianship cases.  
Now it's Graham's clients who need protection from him, according to the Nevada State Bar. 
We found Graham's office locked with an eviction notice posted on the door. 
Court documents show $13 million could be missing from accounts of clients Graham should be protecting. 
Graham is also accused of lying to clients and producing forged bank documents.   
A complaint from the Nevada State Bar says Graham poses an ongoing and immediate risk to his clients and the public in general.   
"We are trusted to handle the money for these clients," says attorney Jasen Cassady. "It's our obligation. It's our duty to handle the money for these estates."
Cassady's law firm was assigned to take over Graham's practice. He says attorneys, especially in probate cases, are supposed to be the safeguards in the system. 
"We were all shocked. I mean we could not believe that something like this would happen." 
Neither Graham nor his attorney returned any of our calls. This case could lead to criminal charges.
Cassady is encouraging people to help victims on GoFundMe.