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CONTACT 13: More product quarantined at Nutrition Rush

Posted at 6:00 PM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-22 12:04:02-05

In a Contact 13 hidden camera investigation, Darcy Spears exposed a chain of valley nutrition stores accused of putting public health in danger. 

Within days of our investigation airing, the Health District took new action.  

When Nutrition Rush couldn't prove where their house brand SuperPharm product came from, the Health District imposed a hold order -- something put in place when a product may be unwholesome, adulterated or misbranded.

That happened in December, but when we recently went in with a hidden camera, we found something else had taken SuperPharm's place.

"It is super good! Instead of testosterone, it has fat burner. Very strong!" an employee at the store on Eastern Avenue near the 215 told a Contact 13 producer who was using a hidden camera.

The producer asked if it by the same manufacturer or someone different.

"No, it's Rogue Nutrition," the employee said. "A little bit different. Technically a little more reputable, I guess."

At the store on Tropicana Avenue and Decatur Boulevard, an employee said, "I don't know how the brand stuff works right now, but they -- I guess they replaced it with Rogue."

Rogue is the latest in a long line of exclusive Nutrition Rush brands. They're all labeled to look different and have their own websites.

"But they're all the same. It's all done at home," a former employee told Contact 13, adding that the only thing that is different is the label.

That former employee -- who spoke on condition of anonymity -- and many others tell Contact 13 the products are made in Brian Kuveke's home bathtub and garage. Kuveke runs Nutrition Rush with his wife, Laura.

We're told the Rogue products are just a re-packaged version of the stuff Nutrition Rush is not supposed to sell.

"It's gonna be the same ingredients and everything but it's gonna be called something different though," said an employee on hidden camera at the Tropicana Avenue and Decatur Boulevard store.

We shared what we found with the Health District. They quarantined all the Rogue because once again, Nutrition Rush couldn't prove the product's source.

"They're lying to people and taking advantage of people," said the former employee we interviewed.

Nutrition Rush has been cited for multiple violations, including defying the Health District's hold orders and selling expired product both in their smoothies and on their shelves. 

Their Propowderz product lists a non-existent website on its label.  

"They're lying to people and taking advantage of people," the former employee said of Nutrition Rush/

Neither Brian nor Laura Kuveke have ever responded to our requests for comment. And this time was no different.  

The Health District provided the following statement:

"Nutrition Rush is moving forward with voluntarily discarding all of the items that were placed on hold. The Health District will witness and document the amount of product being discarded.
Any items that were able to be traced back to an approved source will be identified with stickers approved by the Health District. Additional stores are being held to the same compliance standards.
The Health District has taken action and held this facility accountable in keeping with its regulatory authority."