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CONTACT 13: Hundreds of calls about illegal fireworks keep first responders busy

Posted at 4:45 PM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-05 21:18:09-04
No matter where in the valley you live, you could hear the bangs and booms from fireworks well into the early morning hours.
That made for a sleepless night for neighbors in general and police in particular. We have more insight into just how busy first responders were.
Fourth of July is one of the busiest holidays for police right up there with New Year's Eve.  
Just how many calls did police respond to? 
LVMPD had 576 fireworks-related calls, in addition to more than 30 calls from people claiming to hear gunshots. Last year they had 604 firework calls. 
Henderson police responded to nearly 250 calls and issued six citations for illegal fireworks. Last year only 134 calls. 
North Las Vegas police tell us they handled around 155 incidents involving illegal fireworks and about 133 last year. 

University Medical Center said they were busy with burn victims Monday night.

7 people had to be taken to the burn unit to be treated for severe injuries.

The rest of the victims were treated in the emergency room. The number treated was not released.