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Hot deals predicted for Black Friday 2015

Posted at 9:34 AM, Oct 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-14 12:34:02-04
Are you getting ready to start your holiday shopping? Then you may be interested in a just-released prediction of some of the hottest Black Friday deals. Contact 13 has a sneak preview of what to expect this holiday season.
It's October, and stores are starting to get into the holiday mode. We're not talking about Halloween, we're taking Christmas. 
The website Best Black Friday analyzed last year's sales and current prices, and came up with these predictions for 2015. They predict 40 inch HDTVs will start at $110. 50 inch HDTVs, as low as $175. Apple's new iPad Air 2 will go for $375. Laptops will be as low as $94, with average prices of $299. And generic Android tablets as low as $5.
But getting some of those low prices will be tough. Those $5 tablets and $94 laptops will be door buster deals, meaning you'll have to spend Thanksgiving in line if you want them. There are loads of clothes, toys and more also expected to be on sale for Black Friday. To make sure you don't miss the deals, experts say sign up for an account on your favorite store's website. Many retailers will be sending out email alerts about their special holiday offers.
There's already talk about one major deal expected this year. According to the website Technology News Extra, the price of the Sony PlayStation 4 is expected to be cut to just $299. The move would make the PS4, the same price as Microsoft's XBox One.