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Guardianship reform hits campaign trail

Posted at 4:37 PM, Mar 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 22:17:47-05
We continue to report about problems in our guardianship courts; a system that's supposed to protect our most vulnerable.  
Now, the families of those abused are taking their Call for Action to the campaign trail.
Isolation. Double-billing. Lack of oversight. That's what we've uncovered in our investigation "Guardianship Under Fire."   
Unfortunately, the abuses we've reported in Clark County are a horrible reality all over the country. 
It's directed to all five presidential candidates demanding to know what they will do to protect seniors from court appointed abusers.  
People across the U.S. are signing from California to New York; New Mexico to Minnesota.
A supporter from Kentucky says, "Families are being denied the opportunity to care for their loved ones..."
Another from Ohio writes, "I witnessed an $800,000 estate reduced by guardianship fees and attorney costs over 8 years."
And a Florida woman posted, "...guardians, attorneys and judges have taken millions of dollars from our family..."
The petition's organizers tell us they're seeing a lot of support.  In just 24 hours, nearly a hundred people have signed.  But they worry some may shy away--afraid to sign the online petition as they fear retribution from corrupt systems.