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CONTACT 13: Number of possibilities for working from home

Posted at 11:00 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:46:55-05

Looking for that dream job or just want to make some extra cash? It may be easier than you think. Contact 13 looks at the world of possibilities right at the tip of your fingers -- right from the comfort of your home.

"I love it. It's a huge advantage," says Jade Humphries.
She's living the dream or at least going after it. She's traded in the daily grind at the office for something that suits her better.
"I like to just set my own rules," Humphries says.
Humphries works from home. This single-mom says she likes the flexibility. With a teenager in high school band, her social calendar is full.
"I have to run her back-and-forth. They have a lot of concerts, a lot of events ... I'm able to take my laptop if I need to go on the road," Humphries says.
These days, work from home opportunities are endless. It goes way beyond stuffing envelopes, customer service and call center jobs.
You name it, you can do it from home: Do you like animals? How about a veterinary manager position? Want something in the arts? Be an Illustrator. How about fashion? Be a stylist. Or try a management position in the food and beverage industry.
"Full-time, temporary, contract, you name it," Humphries says.
Right now she's working for 2 different companies.
"I got a technical writing position ... and I'm also a resume writer and coach," Humphries says.
Some of her friends and family can't believe working from home is so easy.
"They're not used to the idea. They say, are you really paid? Is this legitimate?" Humphries says.
She says it's just like any other job. She collects a regular paycheck with health benefits. 
But beware! There's definitely a fair share of scam artists online, offering bogus jobs.
"You're looking for transparency from the company," says Rhonda Mettler with the Better Business Bureau.
She says your potential employer should be willing to answer any questions you may have.
"They need to be upfront and forward with who they are, where they are," Mettler says.
Be sure to research the company. And call to verify they're hiring for the position you're applying for.
"And if they're asking for any of your account information upfront, or any type of payments, or for you to wire money anywhere; MoneyGram, Western Union, those are red flags," Mettler says.
As for Humphries, she's using her work-from-home experience to start a whole new venture with her mom.
"She's been a seamstress forever, but we actually just started our own company called AmariJade," says Humphries says.
They're making and selling one of a kind dresses and handbags -- even designer bags for holding portable oxygen and other medical equipment.
With the money she's earning, not only is she looking to buy a home in the near future, Humphries is investing in her company, hoping to mass produce their products and meet a growing demand.
"Business is going very very well," she says.
Here's the Contact 13 bottom line: if you're looking to work from home, you'll need to supply your own equipment. That means having a good computer and high-speed internet. And you need some level of self-discipline. You'll be managing your own schedule and expected to meet certain guidelines and deadlines.
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