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CONTACT 13: Embattled attorney fights back

Posted at 6:21 PM, Dec 16, 2016
On Friday, for the first time, we're hearing from embattled probate attorney Robert Graham -- the lawyer suspected of stealing about $13 million of his clients' money before shutting down his practice and going underground.
Robert Graham won't go on camera to answer our questions about where all that missing money went. But in an email he sent 13 Action News Friday afternoon, he says he's working through a process of accountability.
Graham says there's "a huge back story to this matter relating to the multiple years of losses sustained by LawyersWest and its inability to move forward."  
The bar filed a formal complaint against Graham and the Nevada Supreme Court suspended his license shortly after he abruptly shut down his practice earlier this month.  
Graham and his family members have been frozen out of bank and trust accounts while officials investigate.
But in an affidavit Graham filed in court this week, he says his wife Linda should have access to some accounts because she had nothing to do with the Las Vegas office.    
What's missing from the affidavit is the big answer to the big question -- what happened to all those millions? We do know so little was left in the final days that Graham offered to pay staff by giving them office furniture.  
The judge said Graham's affidavit shows he doesn't understand trust accounts and believes Graham commingled client money with other funds.   
Graham is not currently facing criminal charges, but District Attorney Steve Wolfson said law enforcement agencies are meeting to discuss what could be the largest theft in the history of the Nevada State Bar. Meanwhile, lawyers for three of Graham's former clients filed involuntary bankruptcy petitions in court Thursday. 
The following is Robert Graham's statement:
Thank you for reaching out.  There is obviously a huge back story to this matter relating to the multiple years of losses sustained by LawyersWest and its inability to move forward. I am working through a process of accountability and doing what I can to facilitate the process for the public, including reaching out to officials and the representatives of the State Bar of Nevada. That communications is ongoing and deliberate.
I wish to thank all of my many former peers within the legal community who have stepped up without compensation to help the public and all their efforts on behalf of good clients and employees who have been unexpectedly impacted by these events.  The emotional pain by all involved is real and runs very deep.  I continue to ask for respect for privacy of all those involved, and especially the former clients of the firm.
The State Bar of Nevada has taken the lead on this matter from the beginning and I want to honor and respect the path that they are taking and the guidance they are giving.  To that end, I must request that all concerns be raised through the State Bar of Nevada, including complaints and communications. This is the proper venue and path to keep matters organized and moving forward.