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CONTACT 13: Nevada bill introduced to help domestic violence victims

Posted at 6:00 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 23:09:55-05
13 Action News is committed to putting an end to domestic violence and helping victims on their path to recovery. We have new information from state leaders. 
Get Out! Two simple words we hear a lot when talking about domestic violence. That's the message to victims from the courts, law enforcement and advocacy groups -- get out and get to a safe place. But when getting out means breaking a lease, victims may pay another price.
State lawmakers are stepping in to help those victims. They've introduced Assembly Bill 247 with the hope it will remove a critical barrier from a survivor's path to safety. 
State law already gives some rights to domestic violence victims who need to break a lease. But the new measure expands the law to cover victims of sexual assault, harassment or stalking. 
The idea is to allow victims to move on to a safer place without financial penalties or retribution from a landlord.  
"I don’t know how many victims it will help. But if it even helps one, it is worth it," says Assemblyman Steve Yeager, who introduced the bill. "The motivation was to help victims move on with their recovery without having to live in a place where they are or feel unsafe. It is simply the right thing to do for victims of crime."
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