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CONTACT 13: Kim Kardashian robbery highlights dangers of posting too much on social media

Posted at 12:03 AM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:35:04-05

The robbery of Kim Kardashian West in Paris could serve as a warning about posting too much on social media.

Armed gunmen bound, gagged and held Kardashian at gunpoint as they robbed her of close to $10 million in jewelry at an apartment. According to reports, a recent gift from husband Kanye West she was recently posted on social media was stolen in that robbery.

"When you point out your wealth, when you put out to everybody out there where you are 24/7, the people that are out there that will prey on others are out there waiting," said retired Las Vegas police Lt. Randy Sutton, 13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert.

He added that Kardashian might want to rethink what she posts on social media after the robbery. She often uses her social media accounts to tell about where she is, what she is doing and who she is with.

"The more you allow others to know your private travels, the more susceptible of becoming a victim yourself," Sutton said.

People should take stock of their social media accounts and remove anyone you don't want, delete posts with too much personal information, limit what you post while traveling, don't post that you are away on vacation and wait to post when you come back. Also, disable your location services so you don't post your exact location on social media.