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Former attorney indicted for theft involving Las Vegas marijuana dispensary

Posted at 6:00 PM, Aug 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-11 22:20:37-04

First he lost his law license. Now he could lose his freedom. A former lawyer has been indicted on theft charges involving a marijuana dispensary.  

According to the State Bar of Nevada, Easton K. Harris committed more than 100 violations involving clients of his law practice over several years. So they disbarred Harris in June. Now he's reportedly in even deeper trouble. 

Contact 13 obtained this criminal indictment, filed Thursday, which charges Harris and another defendant, Jonathan Ryan Peirsol, with felony theft. 

The grand jury accuses Harris and Peirsol of convincing two investors to hand over more than $167,000 for a company called Sin City Organics. 

A civil lawsuit filed by one of those investors claims she lost over $90,000 from her retirement fund. The lawsuit shows Sin City Organics was a potential medical marijuana dispensary, and when the investor learned it didn't actually have a dispensary license, she tried to get her money back. 

The criminal indictment says Harris and Peirsol made misrepresentations and did not use investors' money to "further the business of Sin City Organics."

We tried to reach Easton Harris but he hasn't returned our call. A warrant for his arrest has been filed with the court. Contact 13 learned Jonathan Peirsol is in federal custody in South Dakota on a separate matter.