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Man facing felony charges in Nevada voter fraud case

Posted at 6:00 PM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 21:34:13-04

Allegations of election fraud have been swirling around the nation with ongoing investigations in many states - including right here in Nevada.  

Contact 13  has discovered a voter registration controversy that has a Las Vegas man facing criminal charges. 

It's a version of "pay-for-play." Trading voter registration forms for gift cards.  And it can get you into big trouble with the Attorney General according to a court document Contact 13 uncovered. 

The AG's office declined to comment, but an indictment they filed charges Stephen Zority with election violations.

Zority is accused of unlawfully providing gift cards to a woman named Tina Parks "...based on the total number of voters Parks registered in the Republican party."

Contact 13 has learned that Zority and Parks were working with a grassroots political group where Parks would help people register to vote at events, door-to-door or in shopping center parking lots. Authorities believe Parks tried to persuade people to register Republican, Independent or Libertarian...basically anything but Democrat. 

Contact 13 also learned Parks isn't even allowed to handle voter registration forms because she's a convicted felon. Guilty on drug charges dating back to the mid-1990s.  

Parks has yet to face any charges in this case.  Zority's attorney did not return a call for comment. Zority faces 7 felonies including:

  • 5 counts of Compensation for registration of voters based upon number of voters of a particular party registered,
  • Prohibited acts of field registers, clerks, employees or voter registration agencies or persons assisting voters,
  • Violations of laws governing elections.

Contact 13 will be following this case.