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Clark County School District superintendent called incompetent by administrators union

Posted at 6:07 PM, Sep 05, 2017

The Clark County School District is suffering a massive budget shortfall and the blame game is in full swing.

Just days after the superintendent blamed much of the $80 million deficit on administrator raises, the administrators union is biting back, calling Pat Skorkowsky unfit to lead.

They're using words like mismanagement, misappropriation and gross misconduct: failure to mind the financial store that rises to the level of incompetence.  

"Trustee Garvey and I have been asking questions about the budget for months now. And when we get letters like this, we take this very seriously," said District D Trustee Kevin Child.

The Clark County Association of School Administrators and Professional-technical Employees sent a scathing letter today to the Board of Trustees, calling Superintendent Skorkowsky's leadership into question and saying his financial decisions will "deprive many CCSD students of a quality education and many employees of their livelihood."  

The letter goes on to say a budget deficit of this magnitude "does not occur overnight."

The union questions how an $80 million deficit comes at a time when tax revenue and per pupil funding is increasing.

"Are we getting the right story from our superintendent? We need to ask that," said Child.  

"We went through three chief financial officers. So, I have grave concerns and I would like to bring them back to make sure we ask, did they warn anybody in the cabinet of this deficit?"

In addition to the budget shortfall, the union accuses Superintendent Skorkowsky of bullying some administrators and creating an environment of escalating violence on campuses.  

Child says, "We need an emergency board meeting because this shouldn't sit idly by. We need to address these issues."

A robocall went out this afternoon to all parents from CCSD blaming the deficit on increasing employee costs and lower-than-projected revenues.  

Parents are being asked to take an online survey about where additional cuts should be made.  

The survey deadline is midnight on Sept. 10.