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Thousands of bees swarm in front of North Las Vegas mom's home

Thousands of bees swarm in front of NLV home
Thousands of bees swarm in front of NLV home
Thousands of bees swarm in front of NLV home
Posted at 11:26 PM, Apr 22, 2018

It started with a single buzz. Later on, a North Las Vegas woman discovered thousands of bees swarming in front of her house.

Her entire family was scared to get out and couldn't get any help Sunday. That's when she reached out 13 Action News. 

"They were swarming all outside the front door by the bushes," Katrina Young said.

Thousands of buzzing bees -- that is what Young and her kids came home to Sunday afternoon.

"I have three kids you know I don't wanna get stung. I don't want them to get stung because I don't know if we're allergic."

She called 311 and several pest control services. But it was a Sunday and no one was available. Others never called her back.

"So I don't know where am I supposed to go from here that's why I called you guys."

13 Action News brought in beekeeper Joshua Hammons of Hammons Honey. Complete with hive boxes and bee suits for everyone around, Hammons went to work.

"We're gonna just pull this branch down and shake them into it a little bit," Hammons said. 

The bee removal quickly turned into a bee rescue.

Hammons explained, "They wanted to build a house underneath this water meter and they started to build it. But then they must've realized that the queen was dead and so they just kinda hopped out of the house and hopped on that nearby branch."

Step by step the bees were transferred over to the boxes to be transported to a bee farm. They'll be given a new home.

The good news -- those bees were not dangerous.

"When they're on a tree they're usually a swarm although they can be aggressive they're usually not when they're in a swarm. But they can be as well so you still want to be careful about that," Hammons said.

Hammons added if you have a similar problem at home it's best to leave the bees alone and call an expert to take care of it.

"I don't think if I hadn't called you guys they probably would've been out there and we would be scared to come out the house," Young said.