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Raiders helping drive development in Henderson

Posted at 5:31 PM, Jul 30, 2018

Construction is booming along Saint Rose Parkway in Henderson, with new homes and businesses all on the way.

Driving down St. Rose Parkway, you can't miss the sand, bulldozers and workers building up the newest shopping centers and residential communities in Henderson.

“There’s a lot of exciting development that’s happening.”

Amber Stidham of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce says with the Raiders calling Henderson home for their new practice facility, development is revving up.

“Retail, high-end apartment and residential development, and we have gaming facilities that are looking here too.”

One of the new construction sites is Matter Park in west Henderson at St. Rose and Executive Airport.

It's set to be a 30-acre, 300,000-square-foot business park.

Stidham says a big benefit to locals with new development is new jobs once it's all done.

“There’s an opportunity for more employers to be out here which is great," says Stidham. “Places that can be primary employment centers, it's an opportunity to expand or relocate your business.”

Stidham adds that this development has created a domino effect -- the more development, the more money the city will have to improve life for residents.

"More tax revenues that are generated and that money goes into public works, public safety, roadways, things that all residents benefit from.”

The Raiders practice facility was purchased from the city of Henderson for a little over $6 million.