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County working on improving appointment verification at Cashman Center COVID-19 vaccine site

Posted at 4:00 PM, Jan 21, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Anticipation is turning into frustration for some people trying to get their COVID-19 vaccine. People are telling 13 Action News about chaos and confusion at the Cashman Center distribution site. 13 Action News Anchor Ross DiMattei shows what has some people so upset.

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Long lines greeted people showing up for shots on Thursday at the Cashman Center. Jim Giannamore is one of the people who had to endure it.

"You shouldn't have to wait three hours to get out of here," he said.


Giannamore is 76 years old and says it’s tough to stand that long. Plus, it didn’t seem to him like anyone was really in charge.

"Nobody ever asked me about having an appointment or anything," he said.

He also says they were giving the shots to anyone who showed up, including the 30-somethings standing in line.

"I said, 'Do you have an appointment,' recalled Giannamore. "'No, we don't have one, but our friends were here the other day and they had no problem getting in.'"

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The Health District's own website states groups eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination include:

  • Healthcare workers
  • People 70 years old and over
  • Public safety and security, plus frontline community support

We reached out to the Southern Nevada Health District for comment. They say their staff is only administering the vaccine and aren't in charge of the operation, saying that’s Clark County’s job.


The county said no one was available for an interview but sent a statement that reads, in part:

"We are working on the process for checking in people so they are better prepared to show ID and to verify their employment and age. We also are working on IT improvements at the site so it's easier to verify appointments electronically."


Jim says changes definitely need to be made and hopes things improve.

"I'm concerned about coming back. I'm supposed to be back on February 15 for my second shot. I don't know if I can go through there again," said Giannamore.

It's important to note, because of the IT improvements being made, Cashman Center will be closed January 22-24.

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The country tells us they're proud of the work accomplished so far, administering more than 14,000 vaccinations since opening a week ago.

Read Clark County's full statement to 13 Action News below:

"We are working to refine our processes at the site and are proud of the work that we have accomplished at the site to date. Since it opened a week ago, (Jan. 14) we have been able to do more than 14,300 vaccinations at the Cashman location.

We understand some people have experienced frustrations. Many others have expressed a lot of positive feedback and gratitude that they were able to schedule an appointment and receive a vaccination. The majority of people served at the site have had appointments.

We are working on the process for checking in people so they are better prepared to show ID and to verify their employment and age. We also are working on IT improvements at the site so it’s easier to verify appointments electronically.

Regarding appointments for a second shot, people should plan to return to the clinic where they receive their first shot and schedule appointments as directed. In the case of Cashman, those who received a first dose there, will be able to schedule an appointment online through the Health District’s website to book an appointment to receive their second shot.

Appointments for second shots aren’t available yet. It will be posted on the vaccine distribution page of the Health District’s website when available."