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UPDATE: Clark County School District sets list of superintendent finalists

Posted at 4:44 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 11:21:13-04

UPDATE: Clark County School District trustees selected two current and one former administrators as finalists for the superintendent's job.

After more than an hour of public comment, trustees selected Mike Barton, Jesse Welsh, and Eva White as finalists for the job.

They join three previous finalists identified in a national search.

A fourth candidate was identified in the national search but later withdrew himself from consideration.

Current employees who were initially left off the initial lists of finalists were pleased the board of trustees decided to add local candidates to the list.

"I think they were expecting some internal candidates on that list, and I think frankly they were disappointed that there weren't some in there.  I think given it happened the way that it did the board took action as quick as it could," Jesse Welsh said.

The school board members are planning to interview all six finalists April 27th ahead of community meetings that weekend.

They plan to make a decision on which finalists is offered the job on May 2nd.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Clark County School District has released the names of 14 possible superintendent candidates with ties to the school district. The school district announced last week that they would consider more candidates after many people complained that the four announced finalists have no experience with local schools. 

They are:

Dr. Mike Barton
Currently Chief Academic Officer for CCSD. Previous positions with district include Associate Superintendent, Academic Manager, Principal for West preparatory, Principal for 3 schools, and Dean of Students at Thurman White Middle School.

Robert A. Gerye
Interim principal for CCSD, worked with UNLV to develop and implement the cooperative Professional Development School, special consultant to the Academic Unit on school improvement and design; former principal at Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts

Timothy S. Hughes
Currently working with community/district/state leaders to improve outcomes for low-income students, former vice president for Teach for America, Senior Managing Director at Mississippi Delta Institute, school leader in San Francisco Bay Area, mentor teacher at Andre Agassi College Prep, and teacher coach at various CCSD schools,.

Jesse Welsh
Currently Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Professional Development for CCSD. Former positions include Academic Manager for CCSD, Interim Assistant Superintendent; Principal at Thurman White Middle School, Assistant Principal at Escobedo Middle School and Cram Middle School, and Dean of Students at Silvestri Junior High School.

Cody Claver
Currently Executive Vice President and General Manager for iCademy Middle East. Former Head of School in Boise Idaho; Principal and Assistant Principal in Idaho; and teacher for CCSD.

Deborah Gruner
Currently working in the food industry. Formerly employed as a substitute teacher for CCSD, camp counselor at American Childcare Summercamp, tutor for Sylvan Learning Center, and registrar's assistant at Coral Academy.

April Key
Currently Chief Human Resources Officer for CCSD. Formerly Academic Assistant Superintendent - English Language Learners (CCSD), Assistant Chief Student Achievement Officer (CCSD), Principal for Cheyenne Empowerment High School, Principale for DDK Global Science Empowerment Middle School, and Assistant Principal for Richard Rundle Elementary School.

Eva White
Currently Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services for Minnesota school district. Formerly Interim Chief Financial Officer for CCSD, Assistant Superintendent for Strategic Resources and Capital Investment (CCSD), and Assistant Chief Student Achievement Officer for CCSD.

Mark Coleman
Former Superintendent and Principal for Littlefielf Unified School District in Arizona, former Deputy Director for Clark County Association of School Administrators and Profesional-Technical Employees, taught legal and ethical issues at University of Phoenix, Principal at Silverado High School and Principal for the Indian Springs Schools (CCSD).

John Haynal
Principal of three elementary schools between 2012 and present for CCSD, Executive Director and Principal for Lutheran Secondary Schools in las Vegas and California, and Vice President and Senior Operations Manager for Citigroup.

Antonio Rael
Currently School Associate Superintendent (Performance Zone 15) for CCSD, former Principal of Mojave High School, former Principal for Fremont Professional Development Middle School; and Assistant Principal at Findlay Middle School.

Jhone Ebert
Currently Senior Deputy Commissioner for New York State Education Department, formerly Chief Innovation and Productivity Officer for CCSD, former Chief Technology Officer for CCSD, and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Professional Development Division for CCSD. 

Mollie Ann Holt
Currently a spokesperson for Dickey's BBQ, former Social Media Correspondent for Global Universal, former guest teacher for CCSD, former Executive Officer Administrator for Clear World Communications, former General Manager and Event Coordinator for Sherry & Co., and former assistant to regional vice president at S.W. Nutrition Group. 

Dr. Michele Robinson
Current Superintendent of Schools for Paramus Public Schools in New Jersey; former Superintendent of Schools in Amesbury, Massachusetts; former Superintendent of Schools for Odyssey Charter Schools; and Principal of Odyssey Charter Schools in Las Vegas.