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Clark County firefighter carried victims to safety during mass shooting

Posted at 12:29 AM, Oct 05, 2017

As bullets sprayed across the Route 91 festival grounds, Clark County firefighter Travis Haldeman jumped into action, carrying victims who had been injured to safety.

Haldenman didn't know though that his wife, Haley, who he was attending the concert with, was still in the area shielding herself under a platform.

"I was really trying to reassure my wife right before I left that this is going to be over soon, that [LVMPD] is really good at their jobs, they're going to get this guy," Haldeman said.

A brief break in the gunfire and Haldeman told his wife to run to safety.

"We all started praying and just saying the words, prayer over and over again," Haley recalled.

Haldeman shared his story with 13 Action News about what was going through his head as the chaotic scene unfolded Sunday night.