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City of Las Vegas releases Hearts4Vegas video

Posted at 4:46 PM, Dec 19, 2017

The City of Las Vegas encouraged people around the world to participate in #Hearts4Vegas after the 1 October mass shooting. 

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The city has now produced a video that highlights the messages that were received after the event that took the lives of 58 innocent people and injured hundreds more.

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A portion of those messages are now on display at city hall. 

Ally Haynes-Hamble is the director of the city's Office of Cultural Affairs. "We're asking people send us your hearts and help us heal our broken heart."

The City contacted young local singer, Kiara Brown. She wrote and sang the song featured in the video.

"It (1 October)  hurt a lot. I couldn't really process it. And you know the best way that I can process anything that hurts is to put it into a song."

The city says at the end of January, it will tour the collection throughout Las Vegas for everyone to appreciate.

"These sentiments are sent to everybody who lives in the city. So they'll feel like they're part of that collective  hug that we've gotten from around the world," says Haynes-Hamblen.