UPDATE: Items donated after mass shooting on display at city hall

UPDATE NOV. 7: Items sent to Las Vegas after the mass shooting are now on display at city hall.  They are on display on the 2nd floor through the end of the month. After that, they will be go on tour to other cities in 2018. 


Some surprise deliveries to Las Vegas city hall has inspired an art project.

Huge banners, murals, even a quilt -- these are just some of the things the city has gotten since 1 October.

"Art really is a great opportunity to let people express themselves in a totally different way," said Ally Haynes-Hamblen, the director of the office of cultural affairs for the city of Las Vegas.

For a while, all the items had been taking up space in people's offices. Now they have a plan. An artist is donating her time to combine everything into an exhibit.

"You never really know what it is until it's in front of you so that's exciting," said Haynes-Hamblen.

They want to put the art display outside of city council chambers by Wednesday, December 6, but they don't want to keep it there forever. They want to move it around town.

"I just moved here in January, so it's been a really fascinating way for me to learn what the Las Vegas community is all about," said Haynes-Hamblen.

Not only is Vegas strong, but Vegas is also beloved.

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