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Clark County teacher raises concerns about staff's health insurance

Posted at 6:50 PM, Aug 31, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Clark County School District educator has faced a challenge in battling her diabetes. Jamie Tadrzynsky says she has had to stretch her medication to make it last and wonders how long she can do this before her condition gets worse. Her insurance plan is part of Teacher’s Health Trust (THT).

Tadrzynsky has type 1 diabetes and says healthcare is non-negotiable for her. Under her current insurance, she has not been getting her insulin and other expenses covered.

“I had to borrow $300 from a friend because the insurance and the doctor’s office was not communicating. And they were refusing to cover the insulin and I was out,” Tadrzynsky said.

She says THT offers different tiers of its health insurance coverage to accommodate needs but said the coverage isn’t enough.

“It just feels disrespectful to have to ration it, to skip meals, or to have to borrow money from friends, or to have to take a sick day because you can’t handle the pressures of being chronically ill and dealing with this system,” explained Tadrzynsky.

When 13 Action News spoke with the Executive Director of Clark County Education Association John Vellardita a few weeks ago, he said THT has been facing more medical expenses than revenue coming in.

“We are aware of some folks that have gone through some challenges as a result of Teacher's Health Trust falling behind with some of the providers,” Vellardita said.

However, Vellardita said there is no reason for people to be rationing their medications.

“If somebody is taking steps to ration things like their insulin, that is their decision, that is not a result of them not having access to prescription drugs,” Vellardita said.

He said the trust is working with the school district to ensure their employees are covered.

“People should not be denied access to care, should not be denied their benefits, should not be denied their prescription drugs or whatever they need,” said Vellardiita.

CCEA says if you are experiencing challenges with your providers to reach out directly to THT for assistance.

To access the Teacher’s Health Trust website click here.