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CCSD police want more funding for school safety

Posted at 6:58 PM, Feb 26, 2018

The Florida school shooting has reiterated the need for more funding for CCSD police officers.

CCSD police say they've been able to work with what they have, but could always use more funding in their budget next year to be in better shape.

Matt Caldwell with the Police Association of CCSD says they want to see better body armor for their officers and rifles that officers have to pay for themselves.

Trustee Kevin Child wants to see a more ambitious plan.  Ideally, he says he would like to see 2 officers at every high school, and one at every elementary and middle school.

For that to happen, they would need to pay for more than 400 officers, up from around 120 right now.

But Caldwell says even if the state would approve only another $5 million, hiring just 40 extra officers would go a long way in keeping pace with population growth and making sure officers aren't stretched too thin.

They're both in conversations with lawmakers ahead of the next budget, and discussions on that could begin in May.