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CBD products becoming increasingly popular for pets

Posted at 11:58 PM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-12 02:59:40-04

CBD products are becoming more and more popular for our pets. it's been all the rage lately but is it really safe and effective?

You can find these CBD products at just about any pet store in Las Vegas.

Dr. Patricia Wagner with Boca Park Animal Hospital says more and more of her clients say they are using these products on their dogs and cats.

"We have clients that have put their pets on it from different sources and the majority seems to feel it does benefit them," said Dr. Wagner.

People are using CBD oil for themselves and their pets to deal with arthritis, anxiety, and seizures.

"The majority of the patients that we see taking it are patients that are having some arthritis pain," said Dr. Wagner. "There isn't really any set parameters the folks are using to state my pet is walking x number of feet further or taking x number of steps more, they just say they seem to be doing better."

Dr. Wagner says to be careful where you are buying yours and check to see where it's made.

"Plants that have come from overseas, some of them are laced with heavy metals, some of them are laced with pesticides, but there's no regulation, so we can't as consumers know that we select this product off the shelf that it's actually going to be safe."

There's also no controlled studies yet, although they are in the works. Right now, there's no hard figures or data to show just how much better the pet did with CBD versus without.

But Dr. Wager says, overall, her clients tell her they are very happy with their pets using CBD.

"In general, we haven't had significant adverse events," said said.

The DEA will not allow veterinarians to prescribe, recommend, or administer any CBD product.