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Caught in the crossfire: Mother angered after another kid is hurt in senseless shooting

Daughter was hit by stray bullet back in May
Posted at 5:46 AM, Sep 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-14 15:38:06-04

After another child is caught in the middle of a senseless shooting and now valley mother is speaking out to the community to stop the violence. 

"I know exactly that fear and that's something you don't wish on anyone. It is literally the worst feeling in the world," said mother Samantha Tygret.

Tygret's and her two children were caught in a gun battle between two men while sitting in their car outside of a Walmart back in May. Her 10-year-old daughter Aaliyah was shot while trying to shield her baby brother. 

UPDATE: 10-year-old honored for shielding baby brother from gunshots

"I was expecting to open my back door and one of my kids to be dead," Tygret said.

Tygret said her heart sank when she heard about Wednesday night's shooting that left a 7-year-old girl in the hospital.

Mother ofgirlshot in back speaks out

Her message to the girl's mother was simple:

"Stay strong beacuse I know how hard it is," Tygret said.  "We are not victims we are survivors."

Since the shooting, Aaliyah has undergone several surgeries and had to go to therapy to ge over the fear of what happened.

Police did arrest both men in the shooting.