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Casino security team credited with swiftly apprehending gunman in Las Vegas

Santa Fe casino shooting
Posted at 10:33 PM, Dec 16, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Swift action to prevent a more violent situation. That’s how Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department describes the security team at the Santa Fe Station casino, responding to a shooting there that left only one person injured.

Metro police swarmed the casino Thursday afternoon. Officers responding to a shooting reported inside. Police say there was some type of disturbance between a security guard and a man. The man then shot the guard. Other security guards corralled the man before he was arrested by police.

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“In this instance, they were able to take what was potentially a violent suspect and detain him immediately and wait for the police to come so that should give citizens a real sense of comfort to know that in an establishment like this they are doing their best to provide for security,” LVMPD Lt. William Matchko said.

Hospitality security expert Adam Coughran says the quick action by the security team was huge.

“When action is taken, when the people involved in security take action with a physical restraint or stop the person that we reduce injuries,” he said.

He says apprehending an armed person is above and beyond what casino security guards are usually dealing with, but says they get more training than other security guards.

“They continue their professional development training for active shooter response, workplace violence, securing property, loss prevention, they are fairly well trained,” he said.

Coughran says the name recognition of Las Vegas also plays a big role with casinos investing in good security to give visitors confidence about their safety.

“They're taking a very proactive response to keep people who are visiting very safe and should something happen that it can be quashed quickly and stopped quickly, and we can go about our business,” he said.

Police say no one else was hurt. The casino itself is still open and operating.