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Car drives through wall into house

Posted at 6:26 AM, Mar 02, 2016

No one in a home was hurt after a driver went through a fence and into the house.


I just met the woman who was inside the home with her two daughters when a car crashed through it. The car missed the mother by inches.

Posted by Parker Collins on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The crash occurred around 10 p.m. Tuesday in the 5400 bock of Truckee Court, near Cabana Drive and Twain Avenue. The car was just inches from a woman inside the home when it crashed.

13 Action News spoke with one of the daughters who was inside when the crash happened. She says her family moved into the home just a few weeks ago.

Police suspect the driver was impaired when she crashed. She was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

"I am concerned because our room is actually right here on the side our bedroom, and I'm stressed now because we sleep right on the edge of the wall. If something like that were to happen, it would go right into our bedroom," said Lucy Andrews, a neighbor who heard the crash.



A car did some pretty major damage near twain and cabana. Police think the driver might have been drinking.

Posted by Parker Collins on Wednesday, March 2, 2016