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Candlelight memorial remembers those lost on Nevada roads

Posted at 6:54 PM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-05 17:04:54-05

A candlelight memorial was held Friday evening to remember those lost in crashes on Nevada roads in 2016.

Last year, 136 people lost their lives on Nevada's highways with 71 in Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command.

The event was held at NHP's headquarters off Sunset Road.

For Laura Castelle, the agony never goes away.
“There’s no words, there’s no words that I can tell you that were going through my mind,” Castelle says.
Her fiance, Edward Iantuono, was walking back to a friend’s home on Blue Diamond Road near Cimarron Road last March after getting a bite to eat when a hit-and-run driver ran him over.
“It was devastating to lose him,” she says.
That driver is still on the loose.
“Anger, hate, the loss of my love will never be replaced,” Castelle says.
Jennifer Pierce lost her husband, Bobby, last October after the driver slammed into their car.
“It’s extremely difficult," she says. "Next month would’ve been our 20th anniversary.”
Bobby swerved to avoid hitting other cars.
“Bobby tried to keep us in our lane and tried not to injure anyone else.”
He slammed into a wall and died on scene. Jennifer was severely injured. She had to break the horrific news to her son over the phone. 
Jennifer, now confined to a wheelchair, hopes to one day walk again. In the meantime, she has this message for anyone who drinks and drives.
“Don’t drink and drive. Our lives have already been shattered. Just come forward.”
Family members and victims are urging lawmakers to pass tougher drunk driving laws.